Wirral Whiskers Nail Trim Service

Cutting nails or even just giving them a trim can be quite a chore.

Cutting nails is a task which pet owners don't enjoy doing. The pets aren't fond of this task either. In our house, we hate doing it too! As mentioned in a previous blog, 'Cutting Cats Nails / Claws', there are various methods of doing this.

Some cats will tolerate nail trims and I can cut their nails on my own. The main tipping point seems to be if the cat will let its paws being touched. Hmm... not something that happens often. Then the next step is to see if the cat will let me hold a paw. If this happens, I have my nail clippers ready to get to the nail.

Just before Christmas, an indoor cat I was looking after had long claws. However, she didn't like cuddles or her paws being touched. She certainly wouldn't have liked me trying to trim her nails by myself. It would have caused both of us distress.

I decided that the best thing to do was to let the owner know. I arranged a time to pop in when the owner was there so she could hold her tight and I could do them quickly.

Even though she didn't enjoy the nail trim, it was less stress for her as it was over quickly and she didn't have to travel to the vet. However, as soon as it was finished, she disappeared quickly off upstairs.

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