How to Help your Cat Sitter

As a cat sitter, there are a few things that cat owners can do to help me. There are four things that really help if I don't have to look for or source myself. Please think of these things as important as packing for your time away. This helps me to keep the pet's care, routine and health in tip top condition. A happy pet means a happy pet owner and a happy cat sitter.

How to Help your Cat Sitter

As a cat sitter, I take things that I need to a visit. However, there are a few things that an owner can do to help me.


Please make sure you have left enough cat food for the duration of my cat sitting visits. I do have spare food but not always the same that your cat is used to. This is particularly important for pets with prescription food.

Cat Litter

If your cat has a litter tray, please make sure there is plenty of litter. Especially if your cat is staying indoors while you are away.


Ensure there is enough medicine for while you are away. Especially if you have a long trip planned or if it’s over a bank holiday period.

Dustpan and Brush

It is so helpful for me if you can leave out a dustpan and brush. It's amazing how much easier this makes it to clear up litter and cat fur. I don't like to take these between houses to reduce the amount of foreign cat fur or litter I carry around the Wirral. (I take all other cleaning items I may need.


Please inform me of any changes in your pet's health or care. If I haven't seen your pet for some time, I'll check for changes before my first visit. Feel free to notify me of any last-minute adjustments.

*If you change your door lock, remember to let me have a new key.

Got any questions, either message me or check out Frequently Asked Questions

How to help your cat sitter

How to help your cat sitter