Fireworks Legislation to Protect Animals

Fireworks legislation needs to change to protect animals. The RSPCA have a campaign to change the current legislation with the aim of reducing stress to pets and wildlife.

As you may remember, I had a lot to say in the lead up to 5th November including writing a blog about preparing your pet for fireworks night. However, fireworks are used for various celebrations so can be used throughout the year. Near our house they start about a month before fireworks night and then carry on until after New Year.


The RSPCA are running a campaign to change fireworks legislation and regulations "to protect animal welfare". They have produced a #BangOutOfOrder document to explain how fireworks frighten animals, damage wildlife habitats, the current legislation and their proposed legislation changes recommendations.

This document is worth reading and has lots of references supporting their proposal for change. It gives background information as well as tips for pet owners and where to go for extra help.

Why Change?

A lot of animals experience distress from fireworks; this includes wildlife as well as pets. The RSPCA website states that 54% of cats and 62% of dogs get distressed with fireworks. Wildlife may get distressed and hurt or their habitats disturbed.

My own cat really doesn't like them as they make her jump. She doesn't seem to know what is going on and will run around the house. The 5th November and 31st January are the worse dates as the fireworks are prolonged. She will spend a lot of time running between the living room window and the front door.

Proposed Legislation Changes

The RSPCA propose the following changes:

  1. Reduce the timescale that the public can purchase fireworks for traditional celebrations.
  2. Fireworks to only go on sale from 29th October for 5th November.
  3. Fireworks purchased by the public should have a noise level restriction.
  4. Public firework displays should be licensed.

In addition, the RSPCA want to raise awareness and research further about the impact of fireworks on all animals.

You can help!

The RSPCA #BangOutOfOrder campaign page has a form to complete with basic personal data. This will then give you a preview of an email asking for your local councillors to improve animal welfare by changing the fireworks selling regulations. Please sign up here.

If you have fireworks yourself, here are some RSPCA guidelines to reduce fear, stress and damage to pets and wildlife.

Firework Legislation