Wirral Whiskers Home


Primarily, I provide one to one care for your pets so they feel happy and comfortable in their own environment. This may be while their owners are on holiday, at work, or in ill health and need extra help.

With all visits to your home, post will be removed from the front door, bins put out for collection, curtains opened / closed, lighting altered and your property security monitored.

House plants can be watered if instructions left. (I can't accept liability for plants as only experienced with animals.)

I can use your cleaning products which your pet is used to. Alternatively, eco-friendly and pet friendly products will be used.

When visiting houses, uniform won’t be worn and the car won’t have mobile advertising so as not to bring attention to your house being unoccupied. Security is a priority.

I am based in Rock Ferry and cover Birkenhead to Bromborough and surrounding areas of the Wirral.

If you aren't sure what service you need, or require a service that isn’t listed, please contact me.

*Extra precautions in place due to Covid. Please feel free to ask any questions about the measures I have in place.


Cat Sitting

I will come to look after your cats and other pets while you are away. This includes feeding, clean water, litter trays, companionship and anything else it needs. I bring a range of activity toys to keep your cats happy and entertained, even after I leave.

This service is for pets who would prefer to stay in their home environment, who are house cats or are unable to go into catteries due to medical conditions. Alternatively, if you have lots of pets, this would be more cost effective than catteries etc. This service provides value for money as the pets receive specialised, one to one care.

Updates will be sent to the owner regularly by WhatsApp or email.


Small Animal Boarding

I have indoor and outdoor accommodation available for little furries to stay at my home. This ranges from smaller mice cages up to a massive enclosure for giant rabbits. I want your pet to be at home with me and will house, handle and look after them as you normally would.

For exotics and reptiles, if they have cages/habitats that can be transported to Rock Ferry, I can look after your pets in our home.

Each day your little one will be given companionship, fresh and dry food, water and spot cleaned. Animals will be cleaned out at least weekly or more often if required.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of small animals or cages that can't be transported, a pet sitting visit to your home may be more suitable.

Updates and photos sent regularly to owners. All pets will be kept in a room away from my cats for safety.

(Please note that I do not board dogs.)


Pet Hygiene Visits

Sometimes, people are unable to clean out their pets or their litter trays as required due to health conditions. I am always happy to help out for one off visits to clean out litter trays etc.


Pet Companionship Visits

This may be useful if you have a new pet or your animal has had young and you need someone to pop in while you are out to help with the animal settling in or just making sure your pet is well.

Alternatively if your pet is old or has additional needs, these visits provide comfort, food or whatever is required.


House Sitting

This service may be more suitable for you if you have dogs or lots of pets. I will stay at your house to look after your pets and keep them company. Your pets will receive the same diet, home, routine and medication whilst being in their own environment. All your pets needs will be catered for. I will supply lots of love and affection so the only thing the pet will miss is you.

I can guarantee I will be there 20 hours each day. There is an added bonus that your house will be looked after too. As well as giving your property a lived in look, I can move post, water house plants, basic garden watering.