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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use a pet sitter?

Wirral Whiskers provides experienced, one to one attention and care to your pet. We go the extra mile to make sure your pet is happy, well looked after and given lots of affection. (So far, I have spent longer than planned at the visits as I gave the cats extra cuddles. The pets are treated as they are my own and I even talk in a silly voice to them.)

Cats prefer their home environment and are happier at home in their normal routine. Cats can feel stressed going to a strange environment such as a cattery. Older cats in particular prefer their home comforts and familiar surroundings.

Not all cats can go into catteries due to medical conditions, health or lack of vaccinations; Wirral Whiskers can look after your cats in this case.

Also, it may work out more cost effective if you have more than one pet.

Sorry I don't board dogs at my house.


I’ve got unusual pets.

Great! Wirral Whiskers loves all pets and experienced with a great variety including exotics and reptiles. (I often had problems finding holiday care for our ferrets and rodents.)


What do we do about keys?

If you decide to employ Wirral Whiskers, it would be great to have a spare set of keys at the introductory meeting. At the end of the booking, they can be posted back through the letterbox or left in a prearranged secure place. If you prefer I can keep hold of the keys in our safe for future bookings.


What if I need to cancel the service?

Life happens and changes are unavoidable. If a cancellation is made with 14 days or more notice, any payment made will be returned to you.

If a cancellation is made with less than 14 days notice, 50% of the total bill will be payable. Cancellation of 7 days or less will result in the full fee being retained.

Cancellations should be made in writing / email. As Wirral Whiskers is a small business, only a limited number of bookings can be taken and late cancellations are detrimental to business survival.

If you are going to be delayed in your return, contact Wirral Whiskers straight away to extend your booking. In the event of the owner returning sooner than expected, the full period as confirmed, will still be due for payment.


What if my animal is ill while I am away?

Your pets health and well-being is our priority. In the event of illness I will contact you straight away with the proposed course of action. At the introductory interview, all details will be obtained including your vets details to ensure that if required, emergency treatment can be given promptly. The owner will be liable for any veterinary costs for their pet.

If your vet isn't available, Vets for Pets Prenton has agreed to see any animals in my care.


I’ve got a very old cat, what if it dies while I’m away?

This would be very tragic and I would contact you straight away. If you think this may happen, please talk about what you would prefer to happen, for example, ring immediately or wait until return.


My dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Will you still walk

Usually times and walk plans will minimise the risk of this happening. Wirral Whiskers would like to know if aggression is a possibility. More information will be required, as all situations are different.


I want to be kept updated with news and discounts, how do I do that?

Please go to our newsletter page and complete the form to receive a monthly newsletter. If there are offers available at your time of booking, they will be automatically applied.


I want to find out more.

Please contact us with your questions. We are happy to help.