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Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions listed below. If changes are made to these terms and conditions, the website will be updated straight away and any bookings will be notified straight away.

Within these terms and condition, you / your is relating to the pet owner. I, me or we relates to Wirral Whiskers.



If you wish to employ Wirral Whiskers, at the no obligation, introductory meeting, please have a set of keys to give to Wirral Whiskers. Your keys will be kept in a safe labelled with your pets name.

At the end of the booking, they can be left in a prearranged secure place or I can keep them for future visits.

If you don't have your keys ready at the introductory meeting, it would be helpful if you could drop them off with me at Rock Ferry, alternatively I could arrange to collect them from you for a fee of £5.


Food / Supplies

Enough food, cat litter, bedding etc should be left for your pet for the duration of your booking. It's helpful if you can leave out a dustpan and brush.



If your pet requires medication or supplements, clear instructions must be given. Sufficient supply should be left for the duration of the booking.



There is a price guide on the website but the total cost is dependant on your needs. If you decide to book the service, the dates will be agreed at the introductory meeting or subsequent communication. I will then send an email confirmation and invoice. Bookings are confirmed by the pets owner making a 50% deposit. The balance should be paid in full at least 48 hours before the first visit.

The owner is liable for any unexpected additional costs such as urgent flea or worm treatment.

Prices are reviewed on the 1st April each year.

Bank Holidays

There is a £5 surcharge for Christmas day and Easter Sunday visits.


Payment Terms

Invoices will be sent once the pet owner has agreed the service. Bookings are confirmed when a minimum 50% deposit has been paid. The invoiced amount should be paid in full before the service commences.

If there have been unexpected additional costs such as extra food etc, invoices are due for payment upon presentation. Invoices not paid within two weeks will be charged at 6% interest.

Payment methods preferred are bank transfer or cash. A receipt will be given for cash payments received.



Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel a booking. If a cancellation is made with less than 7 days notice, 50% of the total bill will be payable. Cancellation of 2 days or less will result in the full fee being due. Cancellations should be made in writing / email.

As Wirral Whiskers is a small business, only a limited number of bookings can be taken and late cancellations are detrimental to business survival.

If you are going to be delayed in your return, contact Wirral Whiskers straight away to extend your booking. In the event of the owner returning sooner than expected, refunds won’t be given.


Pets Health

Wirral Whiskers will provide professional care; the health and hygiene of your pet is of utmost importance. Equipment used will be cleaned / changed between visits.

The owner should ensure that all pets have relevant vaccinations.

If the pet owner has any concerns about the pets health, veterinarian attention should be sought. Wirral Whiskers cannot be held responsible for the health of your pet while you are away or after your return.

It is important that any pre existing health / allergy / behaviour issues or concerns are brought to Wirral Whiskers attention before the service takes place. (Your veterinarian should be aware of them and unless specified, the pet should be in good health.) The owner must agree if Wirral Whiskers is concerned, the pet will be taken to the vet and the cost will be the owners responsibility. We will follow any advice the vet sees fit. If the pet needs to stay at the vets, the full cost of Wirral Whiskers service will still apply.

Wirral Whiskers will take your pet to your normal vet. I will require your vets details and your permission to carry out these terms and conditions on my new client form completed at the introductory meeting. However, if your vet is not available, I will take your pet to Vets4Pets Prenton or if outside of normal veterinary hours, the emergency out of hours vet (which may vary). The owner will be responsible for any veterinary costs.

Every care and effort will be taken to look after your pet, but the pet owner agrees Wirral Whiskers will not be held liable for any subsequent health issues or concerns after the service has taken place.

Your pet will be treated with great respect and care and their well-being will be our priority. Wirral Whiskers are not qualified veterinarians and any health advice should be followed up by a visit to your own vet.

In the sad occasion that your pet is old, ill or may pass away, please let us know your wishes such as being contacted, your animal being buried etc. If it hasn’t been mentioned, Wirral Whiskers will treat the pet as they would their own, and save the pet for the pet owner to bury.

If your animal has access to the outside via a cat flap etc, Wirral Whiskers cannot hold responsibility for your pet returning each day.


Pest Prevention

To maintain the health of your pet, please ensure preventative pest treatment is up to date. Treatment used should be veterinarian approved. If your pet requires flea or worm treatment while you are away, the cost will be added to your invoice. Any allergy to medication should be discussed at the introductory meeting. I cannot be held responsible for allergies to treatment.


Non Collection of Small Boarders

If a small animal is not collected from the boarding facility within 7 days of the agreed collection date, Wirral Whiskers has the right to re-home the pet.


Wirral Whiskers is fully insured for the services provided.


The Small Print

I will try to keep to your pets routine as closely as possible. Morning visits will take place between 6.30am and 10.30am. Evening visits will take place between 4pm and 9pm.

Wirral Whiskers is not liable for any loss or damage beyond their control or in the event of a burglary or other crime that should occur.

If access to the property requires a locksmith due to a malfunction, the client agrees to promptly reimburse Wirral Whiskers for all costs incurred.

In the case of an emergency, inclement weather or natural disaster, Wirral Whiskers will use reasonable judgement for the care of your pets and property. Services may be adjusted depending on the situation.

The client agrees to these terms and conditions by booking the Wirral Whiskers. This applies to all pets owned by the client and any new pets that are obtained after the initial introductory meeting.


External Websites

Any links to external websites are not governed by Wirral Whiskers privacy policy or terms and conditions. Wirral Whiskers cannot accept liability for content/incidents of external website.


Privacy Policy

Please see Wirral Whiskers privacy policy for information. In summary, I won’t sell or share your information with anyone else. I will only record the data required to supply the service to you. Data will be kept securely.

I will only use photographs of your pet if I have written permission by your signature on the booking form. I will only state the name of the pet and not the owners name, address etc. Photos will only be shared after the service has been completed. Every effort will be taken not to get anything other than the pet in the photo.

Terms and Conditions Updated 06/01/2023