Dog Boarding / Kennels Recommendation

This blog article is about a dog boarding / kennels recommendation. I often get asked to board dogs but unfortunately I don't provide this service due to my own pets.

Yes I can help with small animal boarding but unfortunately I can't help with dogs. My senior cat would not like any dog or cats visitors.

This week I had a new client meeting. After our chat, we thought that as she would be away for a week, her dog would prefer to stay somewhere for the duration as needed more interaction than two visits a day. I said that I would send her details when I got home.

As I haven't used a dog boarding kennels, I could only give her a list and say I hadn't got any experience so couldn't say what was best. (The lady I used to recommend said that she is not taking on new boarding clients.) This got me thinking. Yes, I want to help people find the right choice for them but can't recommend something without seeing it.

Love Ur Dog

After a lot of consideration of what I personally would like in a boarding kennels, and looking on the internet I found Love Ur Dog. The website photos were amazing and the information I wanted was there. The website said it was a 'pooch luxury boutique hotel' with a range of suites, which is exactly what I want for my own pet if I had to leave her.

From their website, this is one of the main points that got me interested:

"All garden view suites come with temperature control heating, HD TV, Bose surround stereo, mood lighting including featured starring night ceilings, full size beds with memory foamĀ mattresses and cotton bedding."

Visit to Love Ur Dog

I popped along yesterday to have a look around and came away very impressed. A lovely member of staff called Lauren showed me around, told me how it worked, how the dogs were cared for and answered all my questions. She was very helpful!

There are a range of suites available including suites for large dogs or families of multiple dogs. Inside, there is a playground surrounded by kennels. Then behind these kennels are some quieter ones with less activity for the dogs to see. There are fenced off outdoor spaces for playtime.

The staff find out all about the dogs and treat them accordingly i.e. food requirements, or quieter playtime preferences.

What stood out was their love, affection and knowledge of the dogs. A lot of the dogs were regulars, whether they boarded or came in for day care.

Love Ur Dog Outstanding Features

  • Options of suites
  • Suites were like a home environment rather than just concrete.
  • Home comforts supplied for example, television and memory foam mattresses
  • It was very clean.
  • Dietary requirements were catered for.
  • Collection service offered (I saw this on the website but I forgot to ask about it).
  • Updates about the dogs can be sent to owners.
  • Staff were caring and knowledgeable.
  • Members of staff knew the dogs.
  • The dogs liked the staff.
  • The staff had experience of behavioural issues and worked with the dogs.
  • There is a member of staff on site 24 hours a day.
  • It sounded like the management cared about the staff i.e. younger members not working late.

My Recommendations

I would recommend you look round any kennels before booking. Have a look at the accommodation and have a chat with the staff. See if it is what you want for your pet and go by your gut feeling. This is why I offer a free introductory meeting before pet sitting! (I need to know more about your pet but it gives you a chance to see how it gets on with me.) I feel it is a huge level of trust leaving your furred loved one with someone else.

What are your Thoughts?

If you have any knowledge of Wirral dog boarding kennels and think you know of somewhere that you would trust and recommend, please contact me.

Love Ur Dog - Boarding Kennels on the Wirral