Description of an Introductory Meeting

To give you a clearer view on the process of employing me for the first time, this is what goes on during the free, no obligation introductory visit.

My First Introductory Meeting

I have had a couple of introductory meetings with people I knew and then had one with someone I hadn’t met before. It was quite nerve-wracking but the family were lovely. I was only nervous as I wanted it to go well.

At the meeting I find out more about the animals, what they like, feeding, hygiene routines and most importantly where they are allowed to go in the house. I checked that there would be enough cat litter and food for the time they were away.

I also found out any medical information such as vaccinations, microchips etc and which vets they use just in case! The owner told me information about the house such as bin day, what curtains to shut, lights to put on. Also I was given a set of keys which I made sure worked. (I’ve heard pet sitter horror stories about the keys not fitting doors.)

It was important for me to find out what number to text updates to and who I could contact in an emergency.

I loved to meet the animals so that they could get used to me and I could find out if they liked being picked up and their habits. Also in case of shy cats, it was helpful to find out their hiding places.

The owner definitely wanted to have me as a pet sitter so she gave me the date she was leaving and returning and when she would like the visits to start, finish and how many visits a day.

I took notes of our conversation and completed my forms with all the information. She was very kind to sign the photo permission form so I could use photos of her pets on my website and and social media.

After the visit when I got home, I emailed a confirmation of the booking and a copy of the forms. This gives the owner an opportunity to see if we missed anything and to make sure all the information is correct.