10 Things Cat Owners should do in Lockdown

Here are 10 things cat owners should do during lockdown. With the extra time at home, it is an ideal opportunity to do the cat housekeeping and maintenance. (Sorry but it does make me chuckle using the term cat maintenance.)

It's been hard to narrow it down, but here are 10 things to do during lock down to help your cat. This is not an exhaustive list but the first 10 things that are in my mind when it comes to cat care.

1 - Give your pet space

During this time of all being home, cats are having their privacy invaded and routines upset. They are solitary creatures so appreciate their space even from their pet owners. To be honest, being at home with my family, I appreciate space every now and then.

2 - Routine

Try to keep your pet's routine as much as possible. Hopefully, one day we will return to 'normal life' or at least won't be at home as much. It will be a shock to everyone! By keeping to the pets normal feeding routine, it should help to keep the other part of its day normal.

3 - Cat beds

With all this extra time and gorgeous weather, this is the ideal time to wash cat beds, toys, covers, etc. Cats like to sleep in a clean area and it is always ideal to remove the extra fur from around the house. My cat always appreciates clean washed covers.

4 - Litter trays

As with the cat beds, now is a good time to give the litter trays a good wash - inside and out. Don't forget to wash the lid and door. Cats prefer to use a clean litter tray.

5 - Cat tree maintenance

Most cats love using cat trees for scratching. The bigger the better as they like to stretch while scratching. Check that the tree is all in one piece – fix any hammocks or hanging toys. As with the cat beds, give the tree a good clean. Hoover it first, then wipe it to remove any fur build up. Either use a damp cloth or a rubber glove. Don't get it too wet!

6 - Cat toys

Check that all toys are in one piece and safe for use. Throw away any damaged ones. It is best to have a few toys out at a time and then rotate them to keep the pets interest.

7 - 'Visitor' care

As the weather warms up, pests are prevalent. If your cat goes out, check regularly for ticks and fleas. Check when you last treated your cat for worms/fleas and treat as necessary. Did you know flea eggs can lay dormant for ages until heat/vibrations cause them to hatch? Don’t forget to treat your house if your pet has evidence of pests.

8 - New items

To create interest in your cats life, introduce something new. Perhaps an activity feeder? New toy? With all the home deliveries and online shopping, leave the box out for the cat to investigate. Failing that, my cat always loves to sit on a new plastic bag.

9 - Grooming

Grooming is important for many reasons. As well as helping keep your cat clean, it builds up the bond. See here for my article on the benefits of grooming your cat.

10 - Playtime

This is an important list item that should be done every day anyway. Spend time playing with your pet! This creates interest, fun and enables the cat to display natural behaviour.

This is just a brief list but it all goes towards keeping your cat happy.

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Cat in lockdown