My Cat Obsession

I have a cat obsession and a shopping habit. My Hello Kitty addiction has meant I've made new friends and even got to tolerate the colour pink.

All my life I have had pets - usually cats and small furries. When I was growing up we always used to have about four cats and fed any strays that came our way. (My dad used to count the cans of cat food to see how many cats we were feeding.) So I guess I have always had a cat obsession but calling my daughter Kat has confirmed it! The only time I haven't had a cat was when I was a student and then living in London.

Yesterday I was looking round and I realised how many cat items I have. The amount has reduced over the years as the kids have grown up and needed more space.

Cat items include magnets, signs, coasters, calculator, socks, underwear, tshirts, dresses, leggings, key, keyring, lanyard, jewellery, bowls, egg cups, tablet cover, garden items, ornaments, blankets, bedding (yes I have a lovely Hello Kitty double duvet which my husband isn't keen on but it's my favourite), mugs, glasses, paintings, pictures, pens, phone case, bags, purse, wallet, spoons, pens, notebooks, toys and even wallpaper! I've probably got a lot more but this is just what springs to mind.

I also love Hello Kitty and really liked it when it became fashionable as it meant I could have more products with Kitty on. One of my friends I now have is due to our Hello Kitty obsession. We were at an insect event at Royden Park and as I was paying she noticed I had the same Hello Kitty purse as her. We just started talking - even all these years later, we WhatsApp each other with photos of new Hello Kitty items we have bought. In fact, my cat purses are often a talking point in shops. :)

With the explosion of Hello Kitty, most of the items have a lot of pink on it. I had always been anti pink but what with my daughter and Hello Kitty I have overcome my fear of pink and now embrace it.

If I see something with a cat or small animal on, I'm more likely to buy it.

The photo below is the Hello Kitty wallpaper my little one wanted in 2013. I love it but it is slightly overpowering in the box room.

Massive Hello Kitty Wall Decoration