Larton Summer Fete and Dog Show

The Larton summer fete was a family fun day out with lots of animals to see. We also met some animal charities that I hadn't heard of before.

On Sunday, I took my little ones to the Larton summer fete and dog show. The weather was lovely and we knew we would see lots of animals. (It was great to have time to chat and play without the distraction of electronic devices for the children and household cleaning for me.)

At this fun day there was the usual turn out of stalls, charities, food vans, games and a stage with various acts. The dog show was in a different area to the stalls but we saw plenty of dogs while we were having a look around.

There was someone dressed up in a brilliant, dog costume from Dogs for Good. I hadn't heard of this charity before but they have providing trained dogs for people with disabilities for over 30 years. After chatting with the stall volunteers, I was amazed to hear how much work goes into socialising, training and placing the dog with the right person. They are always looking for volunteers with all aspects of their work. Hearing about the difference the dogs make to peoples lives was amazing.

Dogs for Good

One of the first stalls we came to was the Saints Sled Dog Rescue. We had the opportunity to pet the dogs and ask the any questions. My children loved this and quickly found a favourite dog each.

Huskies at Larton

While we were there, we had a look at the Larton Feed Store. This is a massive pet food and toy warehouse. Definitely worth a visit if you are up that way. Lots of different food and toys at a relatively good price. They had everything I usually buy and a lot more! I usually buy my rodent food in 15kg bags on the internet but I found that I could purchase it here so will be coming back.

In a part of the building near the pet shops were a couple of ladies who had brought Pekin bantams. We had the opportunity to hold them and learn more about them. I was surprised how lovely they were; and so tame. Both children absolutely loved them. It was the first time they had been able to get up close and hold one. We would really like some but 'Dad' said no.

Pekin Bantam

Exoteach were there will reptiles and information about exothermic animals. We had seen them before at events and really enjoy seeing all types of animals.

Last but not least, we popped into Wirral Animal Sanctuary as my husband hadn't been before. My children had been before and really liked the degu that needed a home. We wanted to bring home all the rats and mice as well!

It was a nice couple of hours and we all really enjoyed it. The highlight of the day was being able to hold a Pekin bantam.

Pekin Bantam