Going on Holiday after the Pandemic

I’m so pleased that people have started going on holiday again. It is such a difficult decision to make as who knows what is safe? Part of me is pleased as it means everyone is keeping safe and we are getting back to a normal lifestyle. The other part of me is chuffed to have work.

Going on holiday after the pandemic is a difficult decision to make. This year travelling has a new dimension. So much to consider; where to go, precautions, will there be quarantine on return?

We can’t sit in theatres so it seems risky to sit in aeroplanes. Due to the unpredictability of the transmission, things change at a moments notice. At the time of writing, it has just been announced that a localised lockdown has been introduced in Oldham and if you visit Spain, you will have to have two weeks quarantine.

Staycations may be a safer choice but demand is high as everyone wants to escape. Even I was tempted by the thought of camping in the rain (and I don't like camping).

Wirral Whiskers Pet Sitting since March

Riley, Mitzi, Pepper, Jeff and Eric


Until last week, I’d only had a couple of days house sitting work for a lovely family of two dogs, a Hermans tortoise, a gecko and a uromastyx. I was so pleased that the older dog, Riley was looking well as he was looking a bit older on one visit. He is a friendly dog but likes a slower pace of life these days. Mitzi, the younger dog responded well to treats on a walk. Her owner had been working with her with reward training which I continued. I always test in the garden first so I can make sure she remembers that I have the treats and I can check she will listen to me. When I stayed over, I was awoken by her standing over me at 3am. She wanted cuddles and a fuss! It made me chuckle and I was pleased to have her company.


I adore the reptiles as well. These are such a delight to handle and interact with. I hadn't seen Pepper the gecko before as he tended to hide. Eric and Jeff were very active and are always pleased to be fed.

It was so nice to have a break from my own house and go somewhere different. Dog walking was even more enjoyable as there is a park with stunning views. It made a change from Rock Ferry shore. Also, it was the first time since March that I had been on my own and away from my children. I did enjoy the peace and quite but I was pleased to get back to them.

Martha and the Chickens


Last week I had a family of four girls to look after – a cat and three chickens. Martha the cat is adorable. She did have a lot to say.

The first day she was shocked to see me and backed off when I opened the door. But by the time I had turned the alarm off and shut the door, she came meowing for cuddles. Later that day I was writing about her visit, she jumped up onto the table and was head butting my hand and my face.

As soon as I went in the morning, I let the chickens out and Martha came out too. She often waited to be let out before going to the toilet even though she had a litter tray. Martha made me laugh as she was frightened of the chickens and would run away from them. She also liked being outside and keeping watch on her territory. Any other cats were watched carefully and they disappeared quickly.



This week I had a cat to visit. The first time I opened the door, she was a bit shocked but after a few moments she came to me. Luna does like a cuddle as well as playing. She has a good meow back when I chat with her. The funniest moment was when she wouldn’t come in for bed time and I found her on top of the shed. I called her and she meowed back and rolled over. This went on for a while. Such a great game for her!

It has been lovely seeing how Luna has grown up and developed since I first met her. She is very playful and quite a hunter of feathers, flies, and ambitiously, pigeons flying high above our heads.

The owners have been happy knowing their pets are safe and happy. They like the photos and updates sent. Also, the house has a lived in look with front room curtains drawn and post moved from the doorway.

All pets that I have visited stay in my heart and I often think of them. So getting back to see some of them again is fantastic.


Hygiene before Covid

Keeping clean and not transmitting diseases for pets is very important at all times. Even before the pandemic, I was very hygiene conscious including keeping alcohol gel in my bag, using it before and after a visit.

My cleaning routine included toys that I take to a visit. I took all my own cleaning products including leaving tea towels and cloths for the duration of the visits, wash my hands a lot. I also clean the sink when I leave.

During each visit, I washed food and water bowls, cleared up any mess that the pets or I had made. On my last visit I cleaned up around the sink.

I only went in rooms where I had to and touch what was necessary.

Current Hygiene Procedures

These days, I try to limit what I touch even further. On my last visit I clean everything I have touched. This includes light switches, cat food boxes, treat containers, door handles, sink, taps and litter tray lid.

On some visits, it is suitable for the door to be open and for me to stay outside with the pets.

It is strange not knowing what to do for the best in this situation. Personally, I like clean things so it is a natural habit to clean up after myself. As we are still washing shopping after we have been to the supermarket, it makes sense to carry on that level of cleaning at other houses on a visit.

My Home Situation

Apart from the pet visits, my main activity has been the daily walk with the family. My children would prefer not to go for a walk but we make them.

Last week I had a lovely afternoon meeting a friend in her garden. It was so nice to have a chatter in the sun and see somewhere different.

I had a fantastic socially distanced walk with a friend, her children and my children. We went for a walk to Storeton woods. The children didn’t really want to walk so it took ages to get there. Then they ran off and made dens. My friend and I had a good natter while the little ones were running around. On the way back, we went to their allotment to pick blackberries,

Time is passing very quickly most of the time. However, waiting for the arrival of our kitten Bean, is taking ages. We have a possible date of 20th August. This will depend on the airline and if we are allowed to travel. All because we didn’t realise the cat was being advertised forCyprus Pride House. Too late once we had fallen in love with him.

As a side note, if anyone is considering adopting a cat or dog, Cyprus Pride House have other pets needing homes. The pets are listed on the website and Facebook page. First of all you will need to complete an adoption form and then have a house check. Our house check was done via WhatsApp.

We are still working with Fermi. She is still so nervous. It breaks my heart that she is frightened of us. We are still taking things very slowly with her. Some days are better than others and I don’t know what the difference is. She is a big part of our family and we have chats with her, hand feed her but some days she is too nervous to take food from me.

In my spare time I have been creating a cross stitch of Fermi. It took me five weeks of my spare time but I am really happy with it. When I started, I didn’t think it would take so long. Even my kids were impressed with it.


At the weekend it was my birthday. This time I celebrated in style. Not because it was a special birthday, but because we hadn't been out much. It was the first day we went to a family attraction since before lockdown.

We went to Forget Me Not Care Farm which is behind Carr Farm Garden Centre. We had so much fun feeding the chickens, goats, sheep and also seeing the other animals. I was disappointed that the ferret was asleep so we didn't get to see him. They have introduced a one way system, hand gel and have new hand washing facilities. It felt safe being outdoors and there wasn't many people around. I think was because the sun wasn't out much, it wasn't the warmest of days. I can't wait to go back there again.

Thinking of a Holiday?

If you would like to book me to look after your pets, I offer a free no obligation meeting. This means I can learn about your pets needs and house. I find it gives pet owners a chance to find out who is looking after their furry/scaled/feathered loved ones.

My pet sitting service is personalised to you and your pets needs. Nothing is too much trouble for your pet. (Disclaimer - I'm not great with plants so detailed instructions required.) This page on my website has a guide to what is normally provided. Extra tasks or requests are welcomed to make your pet happy.

Hopefully, my website will give you all the information you may need, but please feel free to email or telephone me.

Edited on 05/08/2020 - I have finally typed up my risk assessment for Covid. If you would like a copy, please contact me.