Forget Me Not Care Farm, Carr Farm Garden Centre, Meols

A lovely day out with the kiddies at Forget Me Not Care Farm. Lots of animals to see as well as a few shops to wander round at Carr Farm Garden Centre.

This has got to be one of my favourite places to see animals. There are so many reasons why this is a great place. Both of my children love going with me too which is a bonus. They enjoy having a look at all the shops in the garden centre as well. The farm is found by going through The Works, past the cafe, out through to the other side of the courtyard and the farm is just to the right.

Their Facebook page says ‘At Forget Me Not Care Farm we provide supervised and supported work placements for adults with disabilities as an alternative to day centres’. It is an inclusive place for visitors too.

Entrance to the farm only costs £1 per person (free if in pushchair or if have disabilities). There is goat/sheep food and bird food on sale for £1 a pot. We usually get at least one pot of each and have so much fun feeding the goats and chickens in particular. The animals hear your coming and are keen to meet you, especially if you sound ike you have a food pot.

The farm has sheep, pygmy goats, pigs, goats, two donkeys, a couple of ferrets and a variety of chickens and ducks. There’s not many animals, but they look happy, they have plenty of space and habitat enrichment. It is definitely a peaceful place to be. Sometimes the staff will come and tell you more about the animals which is fabulous as they have some rather exotic chickens.

Today we had such a lovely time. The animals were so friendly and even the sheep wanted fusses. We’d run out of food by the time we had got to them and they just wanted love. One definitely looked pregnant. It is quite small but the kids let me go round it at least twice.

The only downside is that the farm is so far away from us. Make sure you go and visit! They are closed Tuesday and Wednesdays but open all days in the school holiday. Their Facebook page will list any changes to opening hours due to bad weather.

Just wondering how many times we can go this half term!