Information about Multimammate Mice – African Soft Furred Rats

I love my African Soft Furred Rats (ASF's). However, it is hard to find any information about them apart from they are good for snake food as breed prolifically.

Multimammate Mice – Soft Furred African Rats

  • Originally from Africa.
  • Natural habitat is forests or deserts.
  • Lives for up to three years.
  • Omnivorous – eats a complete rodent food supplemented by meal worms, fruit, vegetables.
  • Larger than a normal mouse but a lot smaller than normal rats. Head and body is about 15cm with the tail about 11cm. An adult weighs about 60g.
  • Coloured brown or brown/white combinations.
  • They have large litters of babies – females have 18 nipples! Hence the name multimammate.
  • Due to breeding fast, they are often used as snake food and for research purposes. :(
  • Communal animal and love the company of other mice.
  • There is a clear pecking order in a community of mice. This alters when a member dies.
  • Normal mice can be introduced, and live communally with multimammate mice. The two types of mice can’t breed.
  • Not domesticated but can be tamed to some degree.
  • They love to nest, climb, gnaw, investigate, play and run around. They are very inquisitive.
  • They are very fast moving! So not suitable for children to handle but great for watching.
  • Can be destructive and gnaw through things fast including wood.
  • Very active but sleep during the day.

Multimammate Mice (African Soft Furred Rats in Bed

ASF Mouse Face