Wirral Half Term Fun Day Out

It's half term already! This means working in normal hours is a completely a write off. However, I have had a lovely day with a friend and our children.

A whole week off with the children is fabulous. This means lots of fun (with occasional bouts of them arguing). My battle is to keep them off electronic devices and doing something more useful.

Ginger Enjoying Half Term

Ginger is pleased to have the company and attention. Now that the children are older, she likes having attention from them too. She loves the sun and moves around in the room to catch the rays.

I tried to do some computer work this morning. I just wanted to do the computer statistics for last week but with children and husband around it was more difficult. Instead of the usual half an hour, it took well over an hour. This included reminding children to brush hair, write a shopping list, plan the activities for the day, talk about Minecraft and catch cat fur ball sick. (Ginger meows in a strange way first so I know it is going to be coming.)

Fortunately the children still like having days out with me. There is so much on at the local art galleries, museums and libraries. The highlight of any trip is a coffee for me and a hot chocolate for them.

Harrison Drive Beach

Today we had arranged to meet a friend and her children at the beach. The sun was out but it was a bit chilly. All the children were happy to be playing and running around. My little boy was playing with sticks which lots of dogs were attracted to. After a couple of hours, my fingers had gone numb, we went to the local pub/restaurant for coffee to warm up.

Fort Perch Rock was our next stop. Before we went, we had raided all our 2p's for the arcade machines. I hadn't ever done it before and found it was addictive. The kids won tickets and swapped them for bouncy balls, sweets and a unicorn glider.

The pirate ship was our last destination in our day out. Unusually, all the children weren't bothered with the ship. The boys liked to climb on the rock breakers. The girls were doing gymnastics and then pretending to be dogs digging holes. It was beautiful being there at sunset.

We all came home happy and tired. We had so much fun and chatter. It certainly was a day for happy memories. This may be quite a short blog but is a very brief summary of five hours! I can't wait for the rest of the week.

Beach Sunset