February - The Month of Pet Love

February is the month of love, not just for humans, but for pet love as well. Are you feeling the love?

It may be cold, dark and miserable, but are you feeling the love? This week ends in Valentines day and I've received lots of email offers to celebrate. Catit are giving away a free heart shaped bowl if you spend over £30. I find it hard to resist cute bowls.

14th February - Valentine's Day

This got me thinking; do you celebrate Valentine's day with your pets? To be honest, it hadn't ever crossed my mind. I am feeling the pressure due to all the sales pitches on the subject. Moonpig even sell cards for humans from their pets - they are rather cute. Also, people I know are selling pet products for the 14th February. So, I put a poll on Facebook to find out your opinion! At the time of writing, 100% of the answers was no.

To spoil Ginger, as with any day, I'll give her a cuddle, a treat or two and play with her favourite toys.

Feel free to send me pictures of you and your pets celebrating! Contact me here.

20th February - International Love your Pet Day

This is a day to show how much you love your pet. These days, it is another excuse for animal photos on the internet which is always a good thing. It also raises awareness of caring for pets, unusual pets and pets needs. I've had a bit of an internet search but I can't find the origins of this celebration.

Last year, a lot of photos promoted 'adopt don't shop', which is always good as there are always animals needing homes.

I Love my Cat

Ginger does lots of things that makes my heart melt! I love the way she comes to the front door to meow and greet me when I come in.

My favourite thing she does at the moment, is coming upstairs at the children's bedtimes, following us around, listening at story time and had a few last cuddles.

What I don't love, is the speed at which she moults. With having a black living room carpet, both the ginger and white hairs show up really well. Also, I am less fond of her inclination to nibble when she is hungry...

My 'Love' Celebrations

My husband and I usually exchange cards on Valentine's day. I may be lucky to get flowers as well. To be honest, after being together about 24 years, we don't need a day to celebrate romance and get all romantic.

This Valentine's day I will be away house sitting but I have made a card for my husband. I've given it to my daughter to hide so she can give it to him Friday morning. (I have also bought him a little present but in case he reads this, I don't want to ruin the surprise.)

I will be celebrating the 20th February by using #LoveYourPetDay and I'm sure I will be sharing pictures of my pets or a pet that I've looked after. It will be hard just to choose one as I have got seven pets and also I have fallen in love with all the pets I've looked after.

Monday I met with a new client and their dog and OMG I immediately fell in love. She loved her parents and was a bit nervous as I was new. She was gorgeous and I can't wait to see her this week. I think she will come out of her shell when I go back. I seriously want a pup of my own now!

Love your pet