Cat Sitter vs Cattery

Cat sitter vs cattery? Which do you use? This article goes through the benefits of BOTH. Read this before you make the choice for your cats.

Cat Sitter Life

Cat sitter vs cattery? Well to help you, I've written this article so that you can see the plus points of both.

Yes I know I am a cat sitter so you will think I will be biased. Actually, no, I'm not biased as I can see that there are benefits to using both and it definitely comes down to personal choice and what the pet owner wants.

Pros of Both Catteries and Cat Sitters

  1. Pets needs are met
  2. Pets can be given medicine
  3. Insured and experienced
  4. Reliable and trustworthy

Pros of Cat Sitter

  1. Your pet is the top priority
  2. Pets not exposed to other animals/illnesses/pests
  3. Cost effective if you have more than 2 cats
  4. Personal one to one care
  5. Animals get to stay in their own home with their own things
  6. Same routine for cat
  7. Trustworthy, accountable care
  8. Updates and photos as often as you would like
  9. Good two way communication
  10. Time for interaction and affection
  11. House looked after
  12. House looks occupied by having curtains drawn and lights on/off
  13. Personalised service to meet your specific requirements
  14. Time to care for your pet
  15. If there is a problem, time can be spent with your pet
  16. Key kept so can be called on a short notice
  17. If owner locked out, can call for a key
  18. Available for short notice bookings
  19. Bookings can be extended or altered to fit in with owner

Cons of Cat Sitter

  1. Can be more expensive
  2. Have to trust someone you don't know well

Pros of Catteries

  1. Cat food and litter included
  2. Often both inside and outside area in each pen
  3. Experienced care
  4. Someone around more even if seeing other animals

Cons of Catteries

  1. Have to take pets there
  2. Limited opening hours
  3. May have to spend extra night as owner back after closing time
  4. Less flexibility for change in bookings
  5. Chance of illness/pest transmission
  6. Not one to one care for your pet
  7. Can be stressful for the pets
  8. Cats don't like travelling to the cattery
  9. Less communication and photos

Holiday Care for my Pets

Personally, I haven't been away with my husband since our honeymoon (nearly 20 years ago). Even then, I didn't like to leave my ferret! I managed to leave her with my sister in law and father in law. Since then, we haven't been away together as I don't like to leave the pets. Mainly as our cat likes human company! Plus we have lots of little furry rodents in massive cages that would be hard to transport.

My tendencies have been passed on to my daughter and when she is away, she calls me to remind me to feed the animals. If I am out late, she will video call me so I can see what the pets are up to.

Any questions or if you have got further thoughts, please get in touch.

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