Pet Sitter - Individual Cat Visit Itinerary

I thought it would be helpful for pet owners to know what goes on in a cat sitting visit. This is my general checklist for a cat visit.

So I thought I would write a short list of what goes on in a half hour cat visit:

  • Move post from front door
  • Wash food and water bowls
  • Feed cats / animals
  • Give clean water
  • Treasure hunt and removal of items from the litter tray
  • Clearing up floor of any litter the cats have sprinkled
  • Check for any accidents and fur ball sick
  • Check animals physical health and nails
  • Clean food mat area once the animals have finished eating
  • Water plants
  • Open or close curtains as required
  • Turn lights on or off as required
  • I also check the litter tray before I go as the cats usually have used it after eating. This means that it is nice for them to use until I next visit.
  • Complete daily log of what the pets have eaten and litter tray activity
  • Put bins out
  • The litter tray is cleaned out properly as and when required.

It goes without saying that I give the animals as much fuss and cuddles as I can. In fact, the visits usually take longer than half an hour as it is hard to take myself away from the animals.

So far the cats I have looked after have mostly been house cats or only allowed in only certain parts of the house.

I bring all the cleaning equipment with me. This includes separate items for food bowls, floor and litter tray. Where possible, I use the owners sweeping brush and hoover. They often leave out carpet cleaner just in case however, if not supplied, I have my own.

My cat, Ginger