My Wirral Whiskers Journey - 6 Months Old

My journey so far with Wirral Whiskers has been a roller coaster! I've been self employed for six months now. I am excited at what I have achieved with my new business and thankful for the help received along the way. I have absolutely adored all of the animals and loved caring for them.

My journey setting up my new business has only been since May, however, it has always been in my mind as a plan. I've always been in paid employment but I took the leap to self employment and starting my own business.

I have literally achieved my childhood dream as I remember trotting off down the village when I was 10 to feed cats that belonged to my mums friend. This is all I wanted to do then and it has always been on my mind. (I also remember shaking the cat treats box all the way home from the village shop to see if I could get cuddles with any cats.)

It has been a steep learning curve to say the least! A lot of companies offer start up businesses advice including The Women's Organisation, the business centre at Liverpool Central library and networking groups including the F Network and Linked Online. I had a idea of what was required, but going from just the accounting side to doing everything for a business has fun and scary at the same time. As well as my close friends, I've met some amazing people who have been supportive and encouraging.

My family are pleased to have me around more. It was been great helping my daughter in the lead up to her taking the 11 plus exam. It was lovely to spend the summer holidays with them and they appreciated not going to holiday club. I had some teaching work and was able to take them with me.

The best part of my job has been the animals. I have come to know some lovely pets and feel privileged to spend time with them. I do feel a great sense of responsibility looking after other precious pets. I know how special my cat is and how I wouldn't want to leave her. The pets I have looked after become part of the family and take a place in my heart. Each one has a unique personality and it is fun to work out what each one likes. I was shocked that not all cats fall into my arms with love at first sight.

The hardest bit has been promoting myself and networking - especially after sitting behind a desk in my former employed life. The worst part is the amount of time I spend on the computer. I find it is hard to stop as really want this to work out. However, I have learnt a lot about SEO, marketing and different apps!

All of my customers have been happy with my pet sitting service or animal boarding. Some owners have given me excellent feedback. If you wish to check me out, have a look here for a compilation of Google Business and Facebook reviews. Most customers have made repeat bookings. This has been lovely as I know that I have done a good job. Also, the the animals come to know me and are definitely more comfortable with me.

It is such a joy when cats come to great me when I go in after being initially suspicious. A lot of the cats I have looked after have been house cats and a couple have been allowed out for a time but then come back. Only two have been very independent preferring to stay outside.

Here's to the next six months!

Russian Hamster